Chalice Custom Algorithms _ Logo

Chalice Custom Algorithms Case Study

Chalice used Antenna to increase performance via custom optimization.

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Bliss Point Media _ Logo _ Transparent

Bliss Point Media Case Study

Bliss Point Media leveraged BaaS to efficiently start and scale its foray into programmatic.

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TreSensa Tech _ Logo _ Transparent

TreSensa Case Study

TreSensa enhanced the power of playable ads through custom optimization strategies.

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Programmatic Company _ Logo _ Transparent

The Programmatic Company Case Study

The Programmatic Company automated and efficiently optimized their programmatic media buying.

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Willow _ Logo _ Transparent

The Big Willow Case Study

The Big Willow got the benefits of a home-grown bidder without having to build one themselves.

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Ozone _ Logo _ Transparent

The Ozone Case Study

The Ozone Project fought for a fairer future for Premium Publishers.

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Operative _ Logo _ Transparent

Operative Case Study

Integration of Beeswax's BaaS and Operative's OMS generated media company success.

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Legendary _ Logo _ Need Transparent Logo

Legendary Case Study

Legendary Entertainment’s Applied Analytics Team created a custom, in-house solution.

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Keymantics _ Logo _ Transparent

Keymatics Case Study

Keymantics developed a segment-less keyword-oriented programmatic platform.

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Iotec _  Logo _ Transparent

Iotec Case Study

Iotec drove incremental customer value through data transparency and SaaS pricing.

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Velocity _ Logo

The Velocity Case Study

Beeswax empowered Velocity to scale their technology and drive ROAS by ensuring they bid only on...

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