Deal Management

Understanding Deal Management

This webinar covers: The different types of deals and how to source them and best practices for deal management.
Les cas dutilisation de la Log Data - Use Cases for Log Data

Les cas d'utilisation de la Log Data - Use Cases...

Dans ce webinar, Audrey Boisumeau, Sales Director EMEA chez Beeswax, passera en revue les défis des...

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Webinar - Antenna & Use Cases for Advertising Log Level Data

Antenna & Use Cases for Advertising Log-Level Data

Learn about the benefits and use cases of using log-level data from Beeswax. Uniquely available...

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FAST - Free Ad Supported TV

FAST - Free Ad Supported TV

Today’s consumer has more places to watch their favorite TV content than ever before. Learn about...

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CTV Viewership Data

Demystifying Viewership Data With Beeswax

Learn about new techniques to target CTV advertising in this recorded webinar.

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Future of CTV Advertising

Changing Viewer Behavior: The Outlook for CTV in...

Learn about the future of CTV Advertising in this informative webinar.

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Beeswax 2022 Strategic Review

BeesWax 2022 Strategic Review

Including a recap of 2021 product enhancements and product plans for 2022!

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Quali sono le differenze tra una DSP e un Bidder_

Quali sono le differenze tra una DSP e un Bidder?

"Beeswax è una DSP?" "Quali sono le differenze tra una DSP e un Bidder?" - queste sono due tra le...

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Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 12-34-47 Beeswax

Pourquoi optimiser la diffusion de vos campagnes,...

L'optimisation n'est-elle qu'une question de prix ? Les acheteurs programmatiques investissent...

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Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 17-05-56 If I could turn back time Reflections on trends in programmatic advertising over the past[...]

If I could turn back time? Reflections on trends...

The word ‘optimization’ gets thrown around a lot in the programmatic industry. It’s a key element...

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Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 18-40-58 15 Mins with Beeswax—Enhanced Modifiers_adobespark(1)

15 Mins with Beeswax: Enhanced Modifiers

In August, we launched a massive upgrade for some of our most popular and flexible tools: Bid...

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Line Item 2 CTA 250x250 px-High-Quality

15 Mins With Beeswax: Availability Forecasting

In this 15 minutes with Beeswax we go through a walkthrough of our upcoming release for...

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Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 18-25-18 15 mins w Beeswax—Line Item Troubleshooting

15 mins w: Beeswax: Line Item Troubleshooting

One of the age old questions with programmatic is, “Why isn’t my line item delivering?” In this...

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Virtual Panel - The Next Generation of Data-Driven Agencies CTA

Virtual Panel - The Next Generation of...

The media buying landscape has faced a lot of changes though the past 18 months.

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15 Minutes w Beeswax Intro to CTV and OTT CTA

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Intro to CTV and OTT

CTV is the rising star of digital ad inventory, and is continuing to grow and dominate consumer...

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Post Pandemic Premium Programmatic CTA 1

Post-pandemic premium is the priority

Join Beeswax Commercial Director EMEA, Cadi Jones, in a discussion about the growth of premium in...

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Screenshot 2021-09-28 at 12-44-27 Beeswax 2

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: How to optimize for...

Historically, in programmatic advertising, a significant amount of programmatic traders' time would...

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Se préparer pour un future sans cookie en exploitant sa data CTA 4

Se préparer pour un future sans cookie en...

Dans un contexte où l'identité est de plus en plus difficile, de nombreux clients Beeswax apportent...

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Preparing for cookieless future CTA

Preparing for a Cookieless Future by Making...

In a world where identity is increasingly difficult, many Beeswax customers are bringing their own...

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The outlook of digital advertising CTA

The Outlook for Digital Advertising in the...

The Dutch advertising industry has witnessed a lot of change in the past year. Some sectors...

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Beeswax and FreeWheel Looking Forward CTA

Beeswax & FreeWheel: Looking Forward...

We're all excited to bring you some updates on what we've been building together with FreeWheel.

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The Importance of Direct Supply Relationships CTA

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: The Importance of Building...

Watch this webinar to learn more about the two major benefits of establishing direct supply...

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Driving True Brand Lift in Connected TV and Video CTA 11

Driving True Brand Lift in Connected TV and Video

Beeswax and Chalice to learn why Connected TV and video are outsized growth drivers in programmatic...

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15 Minutes w Beeswax The 7 Things To Consider When Choosing a DSP CTA 21

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: The 7 Things To Consider..

Join Beeswax Sr. Director Strategic Accounts, Todd Keats to learn the 7 things to consider when...

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15 Minutes w Beeswax Algorithme personnalis CTA(1)

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Algorithme personnalisé

Le concept d'algorithmes personnalisés semble complexe - mais ça ne l’est pas! Dans ce webinar de...

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Filter Supply To Maximize Reach To Your Audience CTA (11)

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Filter Supply To Maximize...

Maximizing reach is one of the most consistent goals advertisers will require from their media...

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Les Perspectives de la publicite12

Les perspectives de la publicité digitale en...

L'année 2020 a été marquée par de nombreux changements pour la publicité digitale. Une aubaine pour...

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Prenez le contrle de votre SPO pour amliorer vos performances et r 250 x 175

Prenez le contrôle de votre SPO pour améliorer...

Il est de plus en plus important d’adopter une bonne approche SPO. Cela peut influencer votre win...

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Virtual Panel Questions to ask your ad tech vendors in 2021 250 x 250-3

Questions to Ask Ad Tech Vendors in 2021

We ask experts from leading consultancies what they advise their clients to ask of ad tech.

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Bid Shading W Beeswax 250 x 175(1)

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: What is Bid Shading and...

First price auctions are becoming the norm, and if you don't use a bid shading solution, you're...

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15 Minutes with Beeswax: What the Heck is a...

15 Minutes with Beeswax: What the Heck is a...

Join Beeswax VP, Client Services, Michael Munley, to understand what the heck a postback is.

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15 Minutes With Beeswax: Custom Algorithms 101.

The concept of custom algorithms might sound terrifying - but it's not.

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Webinar Measuring Incrementality in Digital Media w Ari Paparo

Measuring Incrementality in Digital Media

How do we really know if the marketing we're doing is working?

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15 minutes w Beeswax Single vs Multi-tenant architecture - does it matter_

Single vs Multi-Tenant Architecture

Find out if it really matters if you have your own bidder instance.

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Untitled design(67)

Driving Incremental Conversions with Chalice

Learn how to move beyond measuring incrementality to optimizing to it, in real time.

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Cover Image 3

Take Control of SPO

Get your approach to SPO right because it can influence win rates and save costs.

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Cover Image 2

Meet Antenna: Transaction- Level Log Data Without...

Learn how Antenna works, what you can do with it, and who is using it to drive performance

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Cover Image 3 (1)

15 Min With Beeswax: Platform Walkthrough.

Join Beeswax Sr. Customer Manager Amelia, as she walks and talks you through the Beeswax Platform.

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Planning for 2021

2021 Planning - Time For Your Own Bidder?

This webinar w/ Ari Paparo walks through key topics to consider when planning 2021.

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15 Min. With Beeswax _ 2

How to Build Faster Better Products

Join Beeswax VP of Engineering, Leo Shklovskii to learn the in's and out's.

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Spot The Difference _ What on earth is the difference between a bidder and a dsp

What's the difference between a bidder and a DSP?

One of the questions we are often asked is "Is Beeswax a DSP?" Find out.

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How The Programmatic Company Increased Performance by 25%

The Programmatic Company Increased Performance

The Programmatic Company used Beeswax to increase performance by 25% and reduced costs.

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Line Item Trouble

15 min w/ Beeswax: Line Item Troubleshooting

Join Beeswax Customer Success Manager, Kiyo Wilbur to learn all about line item troubleshooting.

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How To Become a Power Trader

15 min w/ Beeswax: How to Become a Power Trader

Join Beeswax Sr. Programmatic Trader, Zhi Ting Chang as she walks you through the steps.

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Meet Buzz 2.0

Meet Buzz 2.0: Enhanced Targeting & Reporting

Learn about the Buzz UI overhaul that includes a set of new and improved features.

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Why arent DSPs More Sassy

15 min w/ Beeswax: Why aren't DSPs more SaaSy?

Join Beeswax Dr. of Strategic Partnerships, Xander Kotsatos, to learn why DSPs aren't more SaaSy.

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IDFA Apocalypse

15 minutes w/ Beeswax: Impact of IDFA Opt-In

Hear Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo on the impact of IDFA opt-in on online advertising.

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The Ins and Outs of QPS

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: The Ins and Outs of QPS

Join Beeswax Customer Success Manager, Douglas Bealle, to learn the ins and outs of QPS.

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Poolside Chat

Summer AdTech Event: Programmatic Audio

Hear from AudioMob, Gadsme, Venatus Media, and Bidstack.

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Line Item Trouble (1)

Summer Adtech Event: The Future of In-Game

Gaming environments provide a unique opportunity for brands. Find out how

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Basic Optimization at Beeswax

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Basic Optimization Tactics

Join Beeswax Programmatic Trading Specialist, Hannah Cooper, and learn about basic optimization.

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Untitled design(52)

How ClearRTB uses Beeswax Antenna™

Hear from ClearRTB founder on why he uses Beeswax.

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Macros for Discrepancy Tracking

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Macros for Discrepancy...

Join Beeswax Solutions Consultant, John Totten to learn about macros for discrepancy tracking.

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Fireside Chat

Virtual Panel: Publishers Innovation

How are publishers using programmatic advertising techniques and harnessing data to innovate?

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Fireside Chat

Why did The Ozone Project choose Beeswax?

Hear why The Ozone Project choose Beeswax.

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Efficient Adtech

Navigating the road ahead with efficient adtech

Join Beeswax, Beachfront, and LiveRamp to learn how brands navigate the adtech landscape.

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Fireside Chat

How The Ozone Project Innovates with Beeswax

Watch this virtual fireside chat with ad tech expert Danny Spears sharing his thoughts.

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Programmatic Penalises Premium-1

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Programmatic Pricing

Join Beeswax's, Cadi Jones, to learn about how programmatic pricing penalizes premium.

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Line Item Trouble (2)

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Data Augmentors

Join Beeswax CPO, Shamim Samadi to learn about all the things you can do with data augmentors.

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Safe Passsword Storage

15 minutes w/ Beeswax: Safe Password Storage

When you register a new account with a website what happens?

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How Keymantics Uses Beeswax to Drive Performance

How Keymantics drove 600% lift

Watch this virtual fireside chat to hear how Keymantics created custom audiences and drove lift.

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Cookie Apocalypse Breifing

The Future of Digital Identity

Learn about concrete solutions to the digital identity challenge.

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Metamarkets Overview

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Metamarkets

Watch Beeswax Product Manager Tyler Daelemans walk through how Metamarkets work.

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Webinar _ Cover Image _ Beeswax Platform Walkthrough

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Life of a Bid

What does the lift of a bid look like?

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Does One Size Fit All_

Panel w/ Nestlé, Unilever & Kaspersky

Panel session hosted by Beeswax's Commercial Director, EMEA, Cadi Jones on does one size fit all?

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Optimize Your Delivery Goals (1)

How to optimize to your delivery goals

You may know about bid optimization - but what about optimizing the delivery of your campaigns?

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What is Ad Tech Doing to Weather the Storm

What is ad tech doing to weather the storm?

What ad tech is doing in the face of the current pandemic.

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Delivery Models

Introducing Delivery Models

With a single line item, Delivery Models allow you to finely control distribution.

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Cookie Apocalypse Breifing-1

Cookie Apocalypse: Briefing with Ari Paparo

Ari Paparo's briefing about the recent Google Chrome announcement.

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Digiday Chat with Uber on Programmatic Strategy

Prashant Upase, Adtech Product Lead at Uber talks taking ownership over their programmatic strategy.

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Beeswax Bid Models

Beeswax Bid Models

How it works, and a few key use cases, followed by a live Q&A.

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Untitled design(51)

TripleLift's "Programmatic in a Post-Cookie World"

Panel on future of advertising in a post-cookie world.

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