The Beeswax Difference

Control In Your Hands

Beeswax’s Bidder-as-a-Service (BaaS) empowers buyers with flexibility, full transparency, and ultimate control, by giving you the power to use your own data, your own algorithms and your own strategies in any way you like to customize and maximize the effectiveness of your programmatic spend. And it’s priced like software with a clear, flat cost—not a percentage of your media spend that stings you for scaling successfully.

The IPONWEB Overview

IPONWEB is primarily based in Europe and Russia and serves both the buy and sell sides. Similar to Beeswax, IPONWEB provides an API-driven offering allowing for strong customization and data access. 

IPONWEB has two offerings focused on supporting the buy-side: 

  1. A SOW-driven custom development focused on building bidders for its clients where clients own the IP after development.
  2. BidCore, a much newer solution launched mid-2020 that mirrors the BaaS model pioneered by Beeswax.

Beeswax vs IPONWEB

 Feature for Feature Beeswax IPONWEB
Standard Optimization
Custom Optimization
Data Access
Workflow Automation
Exclusive Data X
Exclusive Inventory X
Pricing Transparency




Beeswax and BidCore both provide several standard optimization algorithms out of the box, as well as the ability to bring first-party data to bear with custom algorithms. 

IPONWEB Custom Development

In IPONWEB’s custom development business, customization is done by IPONWEB’s Russian team on an SOW basis, rather than offering frameworks for the customer to use their own resources.

Data Access

IPONWEB and Beeswax are both able to provide granular log-level data to its clients.

Workflow Automation


Beeswax and IPONWEB’s BidCore both provide REST APIs allowing for greater customization and control over their respective platforms.

Custom Development

In IPONWEB’s SOW model, it builds custom software, and every customization is executed by the team in Russia on an SOW basis.

Data and Inventory Exclusivity

Neither IPONWEB nor Beeswax own first-party data or media properties. IPONWEB owns BidSwitch and jointly sells their bidder along with inventory from this service. 


Why It's Time for Your Own Real Time Bidder

Beeswax Works With You, However You Want to Work

You want the full functionality of a leading DSP, but you also want  full ownership and control over your data, algorithms, and strategies. Now you can have it.

The BaaS platform is built around a single-tenant architecture. Each bidder lives in its own unique cloud deployment, and that means you get back total ownership of every aspect of your strategies and execution. It’s your platform powered by your algorithms, your analytics, and your tech stack.

Combine access to the best partnership solutions from across the industry with our extensible APIs and your custom optimization to build the BaaS solution that best suits your business.


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Turn Your Secret Sauce Into One-of-A-Kind Success.

No matter what your strategy or business model, you need a programmatic platform that puts your unique secret sauce front and center. The Beeswax BaaS platform is almost infinitely customizable to suit your goals. To take what only you do, and unleash it into the world.

Transparency. Flexibility. Openness. The Future Starts Now.

Bring your challenges to the table and your vision vividly to life with the help of Beeswax’s ingenious engineers, data science experts, and service professionals, dedicated to helping you realize the perfect programmatic platform that works as hard as you do.

A Guide to In-Housing Your Programmatic Strategy

Whether you’re in-housing your programmatic technology, operating a programmatic ad agency, or looking to build a proprietary programmatic advertising solution, Beeswax can help you drive incrementality and performance for your unique goals.

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