Webinar: The Outlook for Digital Advertising in the Netherlands

May 5, 2021 11:00 AM ET |

The Dutch advertising industry has witnessed a lot of change in the past year. Some sectors profited, such as digital TV and ecommerce, whilst sectors such as travel and hospitality suffered.

How is 2021 unfolding so far, and what can we expect?

We gather a group of experts to discuss the outlook for digital advertising in the Netherlands in 2021. What will be the medium-term impact of the rapid shift to online shopping and food deliveries? How will working from home affect the High Street in 2021? How has the growth in streaming services impacted advertising? as we start to ease lockdown when and how will lagging sectors recover? And how will digital advertising react and adapt with the final few months of access to third-party cookies in Chrome?

Join us and bring your questions for our experts 

  • Simon Harris, Director Of Trade Desk at DPG Media
  • David van Dam, Director of Digital, Data and Technology at Abovo Media
  • Geri Kirovska, Director, Platforms BD Europe at LiveRamp
  • Moderated by Cadi Jones, Commercial Director EMEA at Beeswax


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