The Future of In-Game Advertising

June 30, 2020 3:00 PM ET | Webcast

The stereotypes of “gaming” are long gone. Even prior to the COVID19 lockdown, it was clear that gaming is open to everyone, and through the last three months this has become even more apparent. Not only this, with brands increasingly worried about brand safety, fake news and user generated content, gaming environments provide a unique opportunity for brands to connect with audiences that might be difficult to reach through more traditional media.

We’ve assembled a panel of experts from across the in-game advertising space to share their views on this transformation. Are they still faced with gaming stereotypes? Which brands are really adopting this space, and who are still reluctant to get involved? How do the audio, video and playable formats perform compared to those same executions in other environments? Can traditional brands innovate authentically in this area, or is there a risk of it backfiring? What advantages are there to early adopters?

How does it work from a technical perspective when you may need to wait for a good opportunity to serve an ad that doesn’t interrupt game play? For digital advertisers who have grown accustomed to viewability, click and conversion based metrics, how can they adapt and still gain a view on performance?

Speakers will include:

Vanessa Goff-Yu, Marketing Director at Bidstack

Christian Facey, Co-founder and CEO of Audiomob

Rob Gay, CEO of Venatus

Moderated by Cadi Jones, Commercial Director, EMEA at Beeswax

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