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Weekly Beeswax BaaS Overview

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Bi-Monthly Buzz UI Demo

Join our Account team representatives to learn all about the Beeswax UI, Buzz.
January 12
Tuesday 11:00 AM

Prenez le contrôle de votre SPO pour améliorer vos performances et réduire vos coûts

Il est de plus en plus important d’adopter une bonne approche SPO. Cela peut influencer votre win rate, augmenter votre reach et générer une économie importante.
January 6
Wednesday 12:00 PM

Beeswax Virtual Panel - Questions to ask your ad tech vendors in 2021

2020 witnessed a lot of change in the relationship between ad tech vendors and their clients, with a focus on supply chain transparency, concern about data protection and regulations, and media agency practices in the spotlight against a background of continued interest in and rising demand for in-housing. At the same time, agencies and brands dealt with the impact of the pandemic including intermittent cuts to adspend, changing creative and a dramatic growth of ecommerce and online video and news consumption. As 2021 commences we ask a panel of experts from the leading consultancies about the questions they advise their clients to ask of ad tech.
December 10
Thursday 11:00 AM

Custom Algorithms 101 w/ Cadi Jones

The concept of custom algorithms sounds terrifying - but it's not. In this 15 minute webinar we'll cover what does the concept of a custom algorithm actually mean, what does building one involve, and what sort of things can you use a custom algorithm do? This is not a technical "how to" - we will not talk about cardinals, SQL, or even machine learning! And it's a 15 minute session: you won't come out of this session able to build a custom algorithm, but you WILL come out with more understanding of what is possible and what would be required.
May 5
Tuesday 3:30 PM

Webinar: How Keymantics used Beeswax to drive a 600% lift in performance

Beeswax customer Keymantics will break down how they drove a 600% lift in performance.
March 25
Wednesday 12:00 PM

Virtual Panel: What is ad tech doing to weather the storm?

Our virtual panel with Captify and Sparrow Advisors discusses our new data study on what ad tech is doing to weather the storm.
April 2
Thursday 12:00 PM

Virtual Panel: Does one size fit all?

We'll take a deep dive into how the industry is evolving as brands demand more flexibility, control, and transparency.
June 3
Wednesday 12:00 PM

Understanding and navigating the road ahead with efficient adtech

Learn how brands and ad tech companies are navigating the road ahead amid large changes in the landscape.
June 30
Tuesday 6:00 PM

The Future of Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic platforms have led the response to the recent report from ISBA and PwC. We want to give brands the chance to have their say!
July 1
Wednesday 6:00 PM

The Future of Media Trading

Join our panel to hear from The Programmatic Company, MiQ, Jellyfish and Echte Liebe to discuss how the trading desks are evolving.
June 30
Tuesday 3:00 PM

The Future of In-Game Advertising

Join a panel of experts from across the in-game advertising space to share their views on the current industry transformation.
June 29
Monday 6:00 PM

The Future of Advertising

Ari Paparo gives an overview of industry issues including cookiepocalypse, COVID-19, and more.
June 10
Wednesday 12:00 PM


Beeswax CEO, Ari Paparo joins panel "How to Maintain Addressability Across Channels with a Reinvented Tech Stack."
June 16
Tuesday 12:00 PM

Publishers innovating with programmatic advertising

Join this panel to hear leading publishers discuss topics including audience management and first-party data, using programmatic advertising to grow a media business, publisher innovations and collaboration.
November 10
Tuesday 12:00 PM

Panel Discussion - Next Generation of Media Trading

How are advertising agencies and trading desks evolving? How will they face decreasing margins, redundancies, the identity crisis for MAIDs and cookies? How will they respond to a perceived lack of transparency, and limited abilities to customise programmatic execution? Will they be impacted by clients reviewing contracts and even in-housing their programmatic advertising? Can traditional media agencies innovate, or is it time for a new model of media trading?
July 21
Tuesday 12:00 PM

Meet Buzz 2.0: Beeswax's new targeting & reporting interface

We upgraded our interface and API, Buzz, to make it more powerful, faster and easier to use. Get a look under the hood.
June 10
Wednesday 12:00 PM

Meet Antenna: A Suite of Transaction-Level Insights & Data

Learn how Antenna™ works and how you can drive performance.
October 27
Tuesday 12:00 PM

Measuring Incrementality in Digital Media

“Measuring Incrementality in Digital Media” is difficult to do but a topic that today’s marketer must be educated on in order to make effective multi-million dollar media decisions.
August 19
Wednesday 12:00 PM

IAB Webinar: In App Tracking and User ID Changes

Join us and a panel of in-app experts to hear about what losing the IDFA could mean for marketers and what data driven marketing might look like in the near future.
April 29
Wednesday 12:00 PM


Join Beeswax CEO, Ari Paparo as he takes the hot seat during the IAB There webcast.
September 1
Tuesday 11:00 AM

How The Programmatic Company increased performance by 25% whilst reducing costs

The Programmatic Company has used the Beeswax Bidder-as-a-ServiceTM to improve the performance of its advertising campaigns, whilst reducing costs thanks to the Beeswax business model charging for QPS and key features such as bid modifiers.
May 27
Wednesday 5:00 PM

How The Ozone Project Innovates with Beeswax

Join this virtual fireside chat to hear how The Ozone Project uses Beeswax to avoid the ‘ad tech tax,' query log-level data, and drive competitive advantage for clients.
October 15
Thursday 12:00 PM

Driving Incremental Conversions with Beeswax and Chalice

Join Beeswax Sales Director, Xander Kotsatos and Chalice to learn how to move beyond measuring incrementality to optimizing to it, in real time.
April 28
Tuesday 12:30 PM

Cookie Apocalypse II: The Future of Digital Identity w/ Ari Paparo

This webinar takes the next step: what are we doing to solve for the challenges of the new, cookieless world?
September 1
Tuesday 10:00 AM

Comment The Programmatic Company a augmenté ses performances de 25% tout en réduisant ses coûts

The Programmatic Company a utilisé Beeswax Bidder-as-a-ServiceTM pour améliorer les performances de ses campagnes publicitaires, réduire ses coûts grâce au modèle économique de Beeswax facturant aux QPS ainsi que des fonctionnalités clés telles que Bid Modifiers.
October 1
Thursday 12:00 PM

Beyond the DSP: Why It's Time For Your Own Bidder

Join Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo to take a deep dive into the themes covered in Beeswax's new eBook "Beyond the DSP: Why It's Time For Your Own Bidder"
July 9
Thursday 12:00 PM

As the Cookie Crumbles: The Impact on Targeting & Measurement

Get the buzz directly from Beeswax CEO and adtech luminary, Ari Paparo, on what advertising capabilities will break in a post-cookie world, and how identity is performing in the programmatic bidstream.
July 16
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: Why Aren't DSPs More SaaSy?

Join Beeswax Director of Strategic Partnerships, Xander Kotsatos, to learn why DSPs aren't more SaaSy.
May 7
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: What the Heck Is a Postback

Join Beeswax VP, Client Services, Michael Munley, to understand what the heck a postback is.
May 19
Tuesday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: Things To Do With A Data Augmentor

Join Beeswax Chief Product Officer, Shamim Samadi to learn about all the things you can do with a data augmentor.
July 9
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: The In's and Out's of QPS

Join Beeswax Customer Success Manager, Douglas Bealle, to learn the in's and out's of QPS.
June 9
Tuesday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: Take Control of SPO

Getting your approach to SPO right is more important than ever. It can influence your win rate, increase your reach and save significant costs.
April 21
Tuesday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes with Beeswax: Programmatic Pricing Penalizes Premium

Join Beeswax EMEA Commercial Director, Cadi Jones, to learn about how programmatic pricing penalizes premium supply.
October 20
Tuesday 12:00 PM

15 minutes with Beeswax on Single vs Multi-tenant architecture - does it matter?

Unlike other DSPs who simply provide their customers with a "seat" on their platform, Beeswax gives each customer their own individual instance of the bidder.  While this may not result in any immediately obvious differences from a trading perspective, it's an interesting area to consider.
April 2
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes with Beeswax: Life of a Bid

Understand RTB basics, what happens under the hood at Beeswax, and what happens after the ad is served.
April 9
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes with Beeswax: How to Make a Killer Cocktail At Home

Join Beeswax Site Reliability Engineer and Master Cocktail Guru, Pete Cho, to learn how to make a killer cocktail.
May 14
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: How Passwords [Don't] Work

Join Beeswax Principal Engineer, Ron Rothman to learn how and why passwords don't work.
September 24
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: How to Build Faster and Better Products

Learn how to build faster and better products with our VP of Engineering.
July 23
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: Brush Up Your Tech Experience

Join Beeswax Sr. Programmatic Trader to increase your platform technical skills.
March 27
Friday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes With Beeswax: Ask Ari Anything

Join our first session of "15 Minutes With Beeswax" to ask our CEO, Ari Paparo, anything.
August 20
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Line Item Troubleshooting

Want to get tips on line item troubleshooting? Join this webinar.
June 4
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Platform Walkthrough

Join Beeswax Sr. Customer Success Manager, Amelia Merritt as she walks and talks you through the Beeswax platform.
October 8
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Why Build a Custom Algo

Join Beeswax Sr. Solutions Consultant, Alexander Abramov, to learn why you should build a custom algo.
September 22
Tuesday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: What’s the difference between a bidder and a DSP?

One of the questions we are often asked is "Is Beeswax a DSP?" along with "What's the difference between a DSP and a Bidder?” In the early days of programmatic advertising, these terms were used interchangeably. But as the industry evolves we need more specificity.
November 5
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: What is Bid Shading and How Does it Save $$$

First price auctions are becoming the norm, and if you don't use a bid shading solution, you're probably paying too much.
June 11
Thursday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Macros for Discrepancy Tracking

Join Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo to discuss the impact of IDFA opt-in on online advertising.
July 13
Monday 12:00 PM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Impact of IDFA Opt-In On Online Advertising

Join Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo to discuss the impact of IDFA opt-in on online advertising.
November 18
Wednesday 11:00 AM

15 Minutes w/ Beeswax: Quelle est la différence entre un Bidder et un DSP ? (Contenu en français)

L'une des questions qui nous est souvent posée est "Est ce que Beeswax est un DSP?" souvent suivi de "Quelle est la différence entre un DSP et un Bidder?" Au début de la publicité programmatique, ces termes étaient utilisés de manière interchangeable, mais à mesure que le secteur évolue, nous avons besoin de plus de spécificités.
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